Más sobre las misiones

Miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Hablando de misiones de acompañamiento, acabo de leer este artículo de Thor Halvorssen y Javier El-Hage en America’s Quarterly. El mejor parrafito:

By its own bylaws an “accompanying” UNASUR mission does little more than sanction an election.  According to UNASUR an “electoral international accompaniment mission” is to “witness the electoral process in a framework of respect, solidarity, cooperation, for the general know-how and experience in electoral matters, in favor of the electoral bodies of UNASUR member states.”  [Emphasis added.]  In other words not only does UNASUR lack the experience and credentials of independence and impartiality of past OAS electoral missions to exert pressure and play a positive role, they are explicitly there to endorse the electoral authorities.